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Longbay Energy Limited is a New Zealand based, privately owned company incorporated on 3rd March 2000. We have expertise in the following areas of business :

1 : We undertake due diligence on energy investment acquisition targets with full confidentiality for potential acquirers. 

2: Strategic energy planning including energy security strategy.

3: Mergers and acquisition investigations. Given specific target acquisition information, we assist energy investment companies to short-list prospective companies operating in designated fields of expertise, and within specific geographic areas.

4: We represent foreign investors with LNG infrastructure assets looking for African, Asian and Pacific markets. Dependable sources of LNG will assist in mitigating energy supply security for industrial users of natural gas and electricity generators using gas-fired turbines. Clients are focused on transition to low carbon or zero carbon fuels.

5: We represent novel award-winning photovoltaic energy solutions based on award winning Swiss technology which can be installed over existing infrastructures such as car parks and water treatment plants. Solutions include patented folding PV panels enabling easy access to existing infrastructure, with fully incorporated energy reporting data systems.


Background Information


Career spanning experience in specialised construction materials and quarrying, international commodities sampling and independent analysis for commercial payments, commodities trading in energy, foodstuffs and metals/ores, mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic energy reserve planning and management.

Angel investing in start-ups in New Zealand and internationally.

Feasibility studies into multi-feedstock biodiesel production 

Member of Energy Institute, United Kingdom  www.energyinst.org.uk

Member of Energy Resources Aotearoa New Zealand  www.energyresources.org.nz

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